Best running sunglasses!

If you’re looking for a pair of running sunglasses that aren’t ugly and are inexpensive, I def. recommend goodr! I saw these in my local running store (Fleet Feet) last summer when picking up a race bib but didn’t actually purchase them that day. I left the store thinking to myself, “those were awesome and fun looking why didn’t I get them when I saw them? Now I’ll never remember what brand they were because I never fully looked at them!”.

Goodr running sunglasses

It wasn’t until 4 months later that I actually went online and purchased them. I had received a $20 off coupon from Fleet Feet so I went on their site to look for a running shirt. On their homepage they were promoting goodr sunglasses. When I saw them I instantly remembered these were the ones I saw 4 months back in the store and wanted to get them but never did. I went to their product page and noticed they came in so many colors and were ONLY $25! I purchased the purple ones and a couple days later I was the proud owner of some new, fun running sunglasses.

I love these so much, not only because of how inexpensive they were but the colors are fun, the lenses are reflective AND they don’t flip down your face AT ALL! I loved these so much I went back on the site and purchased the white ones and got the blue ones for the hubby!

New Zealand selfie wearing goodr sunglasses

I wear these not only for running but also every day, I mean why not! Honestly, they are so comfortable – even when running. I had purchased running sunglasses 2 years ago and they are just god awful. I feel like when I was wearing them people just stared at me as I ran by thinking “wtf is she wearing!”. If you are looking to purchase running sunglasses or even fun, inexpensive glasses in general – I HIGHLY recommend this brand*!

I’ve only had these since December and so far they have traveled to New Zealand, Arizona and Seattle and made it back in one piece! If you do end up buying these, drop me a line and let me know what you think! ENJOY!

Goodr running sunglasses white and purple

goodr did not pay me to write this post/review at all