My workout buddy

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I had been testing out this app called Aaptiv a friend of mine was using (FYI Aaptiv is not paying me to write this post, I just want to share how much I love this app with you!). She sent me a 30 day guest pass and because I was looking to change up my workout routine a bit I thought “why the hell not!”.
Aaptiv app
Let me back up a little bit, I try to work out at least 5 times a week – pending how my, at the time, work life was going. I’m in pretty good shape and am self motivated when it comes to working out, I’ve trained for 7 marathons and unfortunately only ran two of them (work got in the way two times, I was in a wedding and had a wedding to go to and I got injured training for another one), so I’m already used to a pretty strict workout plan. The past two years my weekly workouts have looked like this, I sometimes substitute a day for another day depending on how I feel:

Monday: 6 mile Monday, row for 5 min.
Tuesday: stairs for 20 min., bike for 30 or take a 45 min. music video spin class
Wednesday: HIIT on the treadmill (I make up my own each week) for 40 min.
Thursday: mile sprint or 10 min. on the stairs, bike for 40 min., row for 10 min.
Friday: rest day
Saturday: HIIT on the treadmill for 30 min., bike for 20 min.
Sunday: rest day

Coming up with my own spin and HIIT routines were becoming old for me, I was starting to do the same thing every week and getting tired of it. I was also starting to lose motivation, mainly because I was putting in so many hours at work and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym 😦 But then, it’s as if the workout angels were on my side because a couple weeks later my friend sent me that 30 day Aaptiv guest pass! I started using the guest pass in February and really really enjoyed it. I’ve only tried out the indoor treadmill classes as well as the indoor spin classes but will be trying out the stairclimber (we have a hate/hate relationship) as well as rowing. I mainly use this for my HIIT days on the treadmill but will sometimes use it to help mix up my spin routine. My hubs loves this app too and uses a lot of the treadmill and spin classes as well.

When my 30-day trial was up I decided the app was worth the $14.99/month fee so I signed up. $14.99 is a bit steep if you already pay for a gym membership but let me tell you it’s actually worth it, especially if you’re not big into group classes but rather like to workout on your own.

Here are the categories of workouts the app features (these are as of today but it looks like they add new categories every one in a while as Mediation is new from the last time I looked). There are also about 30+ new workouts added each week to this app!

Outdoor running
Indoor cycling
Strength training
Workouts for weight loss
Ab workouts
Programs to help you stay on track of your goals (ex: 5K)
Training programs to prepare you for that next race (ex: 10K, marathon)
Partner challenges (ex: Self, Road Warrior, UNiDAYS etc.)
What’s trending now

Here are a couple of my favorite trainers and classes I’ve taken so far:

Meghan – my favorite! She does a lot of really great intense training on the treadmill, be prepared for some really high inclines and when I say high I mean like 8 or 9. When you start off you’ll think OMG when will this end but you’re body adjusts to her workouts so quickly it’s amazing. She also gives you a lot of motivation and if you choose the dance/electric music genre, you won’t be disappointed!

  • How to win
  • Build to the beat
  • Three-part play

Jessica – she has these really fun “round” workouts so you’re never getting board. I really like these because each round makes you want to beat your last round!

  • Four rounds, four miles

Ackeem – he’s amazing. I love his energy and music. He’s also making sure you’re posture is correct while you’re running and for some reason, his workouts go really fast for me I forget how long they are!

  • Three-part pace play
  • Stay on your toes
  • Confetti-ready

As of 30 min. while writing this post I was on the Aaptiv site and noticed they are currently offering a 30% off Spring membership sale. First, I had no clue when I originally signed up for this app that they even had a yearly membership, I was only aware of the $14.99/month membership. The moment I saw the Spring sale I reached out to their support team and asked if I could switch my monthly membership to the yearly one. The woman I was talking to, via IM – which I love vs. the phone, told me it wasn’t a problem at all and I could switch to the yearly plan at $99.99. I mentioned the Spring sale they were promoting on their site and she said if I switched to yearly I could get the new promotion at $69.99 vs. original $99.99 #winning!!! Second, I’d like to say their customer service is great as a heads up!

Now that I have more time during the week, since I’ve left the corporate world, I’m going to try some of these yoga and meditation classes as well. I’ll post more as I continue using the app. I have a couple small races I’m doing this summer so hoping the HIIT classes I’m doing will help improve my speed. Continue following me as I try to PR my races this year!

If you’re interested in trying out the app, let me know and I can send you a 30-day guest pass! I’d love to hear how you like this app and which classes are your favorite so I can try them out. Enjoy!