Power Meal shake recipe!

There is this really yummy shake I get every other Saturday (it’s not the best for you so I have to limit how many times I get this) at my gym!  It’s called “Power Lunch” and costs about $7 for 10oz 😦  Since I’m currently in reset job mode I’ve decided to try and recreate this shake but with a healthy twist! The gym uses vanilla ice cream, pineapple juice, granola, banana and ice.  Below are the ingredients I’m using for my shake.


  • Blender
  • Banana
  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt (you can substitute regular yogurt if Greek isn’t your favorite!)
  • Light Vanilla Almond milk (you can substitute regular vanilla almond milk or unsweetened too)
  • Granola
  • Apple juice (optional)
  • Ice

To start, if you don’t have a good blender or are in the market for a new one I highly recommend/suggest getting a Ninja blender.  I had one of those $40 brands you get at Target and while it was worth the price I paid, it stopped working every time I used ice and ice is the main ingredient for so many drinks and shakes!  There are many different Ninja blenders to choose from, I went with the Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja cups (BL660). It was $100ish on Amazon and came with 2 traveling cups! The other cool thing about the travel cups is you can blend anything in them directly without having to use the pitcher!

Grab a banana and put it in your pitcher/blender cup.  Take 1/2 cup of the Light Vanilla Almond milk (or if you prefer regular vanilla or unsweatened add this).


For the yogurt you’ll need 2 spoonfuls (I usually don’t measure this but go off how thick you prefer your shake).  I also love Dannon Light & Fit(R) Greek Vanilla Yogurt so that’s what I’ll be using in my shake. If you have those single yogurt cups that’s probably the exact amount you’ll need. Again, I prefer to use Vanilla Greek Yogurt over Vanilla Yogurt, you also get the protein you need!

Add a splash or apple juice, you can also omit this if you don’t like apple juice or add pinapple juice in place of apple juice.  If you do add apple juice please just add a splash otherwise it becomes a little overwhelming; same with pinapple if you sub. instead of apple. The final two ingredients you’ll need are granola and ice.  I prefer the brand Nature Valley and use “Oats ‘N Honey” but if you have another brand of gronala you prefer go ahead and use that!  Add 2 spoonfulls (since mine come in bars I use about 1-1.5) and then eat the leftover later in the day :). It really just depends on how crunchy you prefer your shake.  Last but not least add that ice!  Again, depending on your thick you like your shake add as much ice as needed. I usually start with about 4-5 cubes and add more if needed.  Blend everything together and enjoy!  This shake is so good you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner or make a smaller version of it (cut the ingredients in half) and have it as a snack or post-workout meal!  I’d post a picture of how it looks but it’s so good I drank it right away, sorry!

I’d love to hear feedback if you do make this shake. Let me know if you substitute any other ingredients for the ones I use or if you have any suggestions for changes. If you have a favorite shake you’ve modified to be your own let me know, I’d love to try it!