Seattle, Washington in the rain

Yep, you can still make the most of Seattle when it’s raining out 🙂

I was so looking forward to some Spring weather since it feels like it’ll miss Chicago this year. I had been checking the weather every single day for the past 2 weeks leading up to our trip and as I suspected – RAIN EVERY…SINGLE…DAY. On the Plus side, it was going to be in the 50’s which was 15 degrees warmer than Chicago so I couldn’t complain too much.

My husband had a conference for work in Bellevue, Washington (about a 20 min. car ride to Seattle, WA) so we decided to go the weekend before and make a fun little trip out of it. This was our second time visiting and because we had already stayed in Seattle our first trip, we decided we’d stay at the Westin Bellevue hotel as that was where his company booked everyone already for the conference. We got to our hotel around 7PM(ish) on Friday, checked in and then immediately looked up a place to grab some food. We found a restaurant/bar really close by called Lot No 3 and made our way there in the rain. I will say the food and wine we had was pretty good and the ambiance was really nice inside. I would def. recommend to anyone staying in the area if you’re looking for a place to grab a drink, food or one or the other.

Saturday – We got up pretty early (time change is 2 hours difference from Chicago) and headed to the hotel gym for a quick workout. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Starwood (Westin is part of this brand) partnered with New Balance and created a “Gear lending” program. It’s a really cool concept especially if you travel a lot for work, saves you space in your luggage too! Check the program out when you have some time. One other quick thing about this hotel, specifically the gym, they have Peloton bikes! I’ve been on a bike, it’s amazing but I was more excited to try a class. You can learn more here, specially the app!

After our quick workout and breakfast, we got ready and headed out to enjoy (insert sarcasm) the lovely rainy day. We walked to a park close by, Bellevue Downtown Park, did a lap and then grabbed an Uber and headed to Lake View Cemetery. Now you’re probably wondering why we would go to a cemetery, especially in the rain. My husband had looked up some things to see, which we didn’t get to see the first time we were in Seattle, and saw Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee were both buried in this cemetery. If you’re fans of these two you def. should go check out their grave, it’s really amazing to see.
Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee graves

The cemetery is also beautiful, even in the rain. We went in mid-April so all the trees were in bloom, especially the Cherry Blossoms.
Cherry Blossom tree

After walking through the cemetery we walked over to Volunteer Park Cafe. This little neighborhood cafe is soooo cute. We started with coffees and the Unicorn cookie, naturally. We thought the rain might end for a little bit but it didn’t let up so we decided to order a grilled cheese panini and some tomato soup, very fitting for a rainy day! Finally there was a break in the rain which was our queue to head out. We walked through Volunteer Park, saw the outside of the Conservatory (I’m going to make sure I go see this on my next trip) and headed to a local brewery. It started to rain on our walk but luckily we were only going a mile and had about 4 blocks left before reaching Outer Planet Brewing in Capitol Hill. The hubby tried their sour cherry beer and loved it; I had their golden ale and it was delish.
Outer Planet Brewery

The rain was only coming down harder so we decided the next fun thing to do on a rainy day – see a movie. The hubs has been talking and talking about Ready Player One so I decided this was probably the only time he’d get me to see it in a theatre :). I will say, I really did like this movie so I’m glad I went! The movie ended around 6ish and we had a dinner reservation at 7 so we quickly went back to the hotel and got ready and headed to the restaurant. Luckily, everything close to our hotel is basically connected via walk-ways which was awesome because it was still down pouring! For dinner we went to Purple Cafe & Wine Bar. This place is connected to Lot No 3, which we went to the night before! The food at Purple Cafe was amazing and the wine was right up there too; I highly recommend this place. They also have a restaurant in Seattle if you’re staying there. After dinner we were so stuffed we ran back to the hotel to get out of the rain and just relaxed before heading to bed.

Sunday – We woke up and were pleasantly surprised to see it was only overcast, no rain yet on this day! When we were in Seattle 2 years ago, we had walked by the Space Needle. Walking around the area we saw the coolest building which we looked up on this trip and saw it was the Museum of Pop Culture and decided we HAD to go to this. Since it showed rain in the forecast we also thought this was a good use of time for a dreary, rainy day in Seattle. All I have to say about this Museum is you HAVE TO GO if you haven’t already. Even if you have gone I believe they change up their exhibits a couple times a year so def. worth going. When we were there they had a Nirvana exhibit, so amazing. They also had a Sci-Fi exhibit (I’m a huge nerd at heart), a Nintendo(TM) exhibit (my husbands nerd love) and this really cool music/sound exhibit. This was cool because they had all these different sound booths you could go into and feel like you were in a recording studio. They had guitars, singing, drums etc. in each room that you could rock out with! Here are a couple photos from the museum I took.
Museum of Pop Culture and Space NeedleLuke Skywalker hand and lightsaberNirvanaalbum coversNintendo backdropStar Trek stairway

We stayed at the museum for a couple hours and then decided we needed more coffee! Andy had gone to this really yummy coffee place when he was in the area for work a couple years ago and wanted to take me there so we made our way to Anchorhead Coffee. Not only is the coffee so good, the coffee shop itself is really cute inside – I highly recommend going. After some coffee and banana bread the rain was starting to come down so we both agreed our next plan of attack for the day would be to go and see Black Panther! After the movie we checked out the new Lincoln Square South Food Hall connected to our hotel, grabbed some dinner to go and headed back to the hotel room to eat and chill out for the night.

I headed back to Chicago the next day while my hubs stayed the week for his work conference. He told me it poured the day I left and was supposed to rain the rest of the week. One day I hope to make it to Seattle to enjoy this so called “sunny” weather I keep hearing about from all my friends! If you do visit Seattle or any surrounding neighborhoods and it’s raining, hopefully some ideas above will help you with your trip! Enjoy 🙂