Master bathroom renovation

I love interior design but by no means am I a pro at this; I’m just really passionate about it! My husband and I have been discussing a remodel for our master bathroom ever since we bought our home 5.5 years ago. Reason being, it’s sooo oudated! Here’s a pic. of what it looked like before our remodel.

I know what you’re thinking, “it’s not that bad!”. Trust me though when I say in person, this is bad.  I’d also like to note I HATE HATE HATE tubs, especially if they were used by other people prior to me. Again, I know what you’re thinking, “there are far worse things than a tub, Jayme” and I know, but I’m sure there are things that bother you that don’t others.

The floors were this ugly orange marble that didn’t match the marble in the shower/tub. The walls were seafoam green to match the frosted vanity doors.  The sinks were on top of the vanity which was so late 90’s/early 2000’s.  Finally look at those sink faucets! Ay yi yi!

Our master bathroom remodel took about 2 weeks total (demoing to final renovation) and cost about $12,000 total for everything.
bathroom renovation

Here’s how it looks now!
bathroom remodel

The first thing I need when designing a space is something that inspires me. Once I find this the rest of the design comes together rather quickly. For my master bathroom I found this really fabulous black and white wallpaper.
black and white wallpaper

Did I mention I’m obsessed with wallpaper?  It’s basically my signature design for every room in my house whether it’s a full accent wall or a design I create with it on a wall (I’ll post these walls in future posts!).  A lot of people are scared of wallpaper, mainly because of the work it takes to put up. Let me tell you, don’t be afraid.  Nowadays you can find peel & stick wallpaper online and even in Target! You heard me, Target carries peel & stick wallpaper at a really reasonable price; no joke, I have some in my own house!  This specific black & white wallpaper I used in my master bathroom had paste already added to the back which was pretty easy to use. If you need help or a tutorial let me know and I’m glad to send a note or create a post on how to easily do this.  

Now that I had the wallpaper I went with marbel hexagon shape for the floor, this really funky seashell marble tile for the shower floor and marble long rectangle size pannels for the shower walls.  Here’s a pic. of the shower floor and wall tile I used.
marbel tile

The seashell marble tile was really fun to put together for my contractor. Here’s how it looked before he cut to size and moved it to it’s final resting place in my shower 🙂
seashell marble tile

Once I had the wallpaper and tile picked out I chose “Glam” as my theme for this bathroom and decided everything needed to be white or light gray. I found a really amazing white vanity on, SERIOUSLY!  It was under $1,000 (at the time I purchased they had all vanities on sale) and included 2 different hardware finishes as well as a marble top #winning.

My husband and I went to Home Depot to see what type of sink faucets they had. We found these really nice Kohler ones and then found some matching “square” shaped accessories from Detla to go with (hand towel, toilet paper holder and hooks) since Kohler didn’t have matching accessories for the sink facets we picked.  We then decided to head to an actual Kohler store to look at their shower heads.  We decided we were going to splurge a little as this was our master bathroom and opted to go with a rainshower head, handshower head and this really awesome Digital Shower Interface controller. Here’s a picture of the controller and handshower!
Kohler showerhead and controller

Last but not least was the vanity lights and mirrors.  I had spotted the fabulous mirrors in the picture below at Home Depot when we were shopping for the sink facets so went back and got them.  I then saw these vanity lights and thought they were perfect for my “Glam” bathroom theme!
bathroom vanity, mirrors and lights

To finish the bathroom my husband and I both agreed we NEEDED a heated towel rack, especially for our Chicago Winter (and sometimes Fall and Spring!).  I found one on Amazon by Brandon Basics, loved all the detail and research behind this product and decided to buy it.
Brandon Basics towel warmer rack

The final touches were adding 2 small marble shelves above the toilet. I got these at CB2! These shelves are pretty heavy so I def. suggest a professional hanging them for you if you buy and place anywhere in your home! Please don’t judge the picture of the shelves, I’ll be putting some small plants on them eventually 🙂 and a custom glass door.
CB2 marble shelves

And just like that, 2 weeks later my Glam Master Bathroom was complete!